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Research, The Joys Of

My mum informs me that Kira’s doing well. Fighting fit and playing with Rory. Got her stitches out on Wednesday. I’m going to head back to mum’s nest weekend and have some quality dog-time 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of high school demonstrating. It’s basically showing a group of 8-10 students how to use a pipette, look at flies and help them out with questions for 2 hours. Good pay but very draining. Particularly if you get students who don’t get it. Some of them are so bad that you give them the answer and they still stare blankly at the page.

I really am naive. I just identified flaws in past studies and told myself that I would do things better.
Well, it’s taken a year to convince Indonesian fisheries to give us samples. Things started to improve when we shifted focus away from ripe gonads (if they are ripe then we can be more certain that they are spawning in the region and not simply passing through) and moved onto any tissue we could get our hands on. Finally I have hundreds of tissues – none with gender information (so there goes comparing sex-biased dispersal) and only a few with location information. That sucks. One of the problems with past studies is that they provide general region that the samples were collected, not longitude/latitude values. I should have realised that this was because it’s so difficult to get fishing fleets to cooperate.
So I thought no worries, I have some coordinates and with those, I can infer roughly where the remaining samples were collected.
I plotted out the coordinates on Google Earth and some of the samples aren’t anywhere near the Indonesian spawning ground. They’re in the middle of the friggin Indian Ocean. That isn’t so bad – it means that I have another population to compare (although that means smaller sample sizes, which is not good). They even roughly fall into the populations of another study. But that means that I have no clue where the hell the other 400+ samples were collected from. Not even an estimate. I can’t compare populations if I can’t even define the stupid things.
Hopefully my supervisor can help me track down some more info. Otherwise, those samples are useless.

I hate fish. I never again want to do a project that relies on fisheries to do the sampling.


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