Dumplings MasterChef-style

I got hooked on MasterChef Australia when it was on. All that yummy food…
The best part is that a lot of the recipes are offered online for free.

I tried out a pasta dish a while ago but it turned into a pasta disaster. I so can’t make pasta.
This weekend I tried Mushroom and Vegetable Dumplings With Broth. I’ve never cooked dumplings like that before.
I put in 4 cups of stock instead of 3 and it made about 2 bowls worth of soup. It tasted so yummy. The only thing is that it tasted way too vinegary. Maybe it’s because I used brown vinegar. But the internet tells me that black vinegar is like balsamic vinegar so I fail. Still, I’ll try it with less vinegar next time.
I definitely recommend this recipe.

He he, my dish doesn’t look nearly as good as Julia’s. Presentation fail.


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