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Potatoes and Chocolate Slices

I’m growing potatoes! I planted them in my old rubbish bin and keep filling it up with more soil as the plant grows, in the hopes that it makes even more potatoes. I want to fill it up to the top but I ran out of soil 😦
I’m so excited about my potatoes. I can’t wait until I can dig them up and see how many I have. Then I’ll start the process all over again. But I’m a bit worried about where I’m going to put the soil, I have no other containers to store it.

Everynow and then I have to make goodies for lab meetings. Whenever I was feeling lazy, I’d make chocolate truffles (sans alcohol). But now one of my friends has found out she’s fructose intolerant. So no more easy truffles 😦
However, I have just found my new lazy-man’s recipe. It’s even easier to make and not nearly as messy. It’s from my newest cookbook, which I got at a craft show for half price. All you do is melt (low heat) 70g butter, 200g chocolate (it’s meant to be dark but I prefer milk) and 250g marshmallows. Pour it all in a tray (lined with baking paper) and stick in the fridge overnight. I’ve never had anything like it before – it tastes nice and strange. I’m taking a batch into uni tomorrow to see if everyone likes it.
EDIT: They all love it. Very addictive πŸ™‚
But fairly vulnerable to melting so don’t make for a hot day.


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