Avast fail

I use Avast. It was the antivirus program recommended by the uni. Every day it has a little pop-up and an annoying american accent telling me that the virus database has been updated.

Today I was analysing my data when a virus alarm popped up to inform me that my program was infected by a virus. No idea when I last did a thorough scan so I decided to give it a go. Avast informed me that it needed to restart my computer and scan before rebooting. OK…not what it usually does but I’ll run with it. After all, it’s just trying to protect my computer, right?
The problem with scanning on start-up is that you can’t bum around on the computer while you wait. I did some lab work but eventually ran out of things to do that didn’t require a few hours to do. And I had finished my book on the tram so…I guess I can do…umm…sudoku?

Over an hour later the scan had detected 92 infected files. Gosh.
There were so many files that my virus chest couldn’t hold them all. I ended up deleting files. All of the infected files had the same name. It actually impressed me, the fact that a virus had made copies of itself into multiple places.
I then decided to get back to my analysis. Oh wait, I can’t. I had deleted an important file. I went online and tried to download the program again. Oh look at that…another virus…this can’t be right.

A quick google search informed me that all the virus detections were false positives. They weren’t viruses, it was just a glitch in the latest virus database download.



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