Harrassing the Natives

Spent the weekend at mum’s and was graced by the presence of the resident koala. These guys apparently spend 22 hours asleep each day and yet I never catch it sleeping.

Rory, the dumber of the labrador duo, was going mental around a bush on a slope. Kira was pacing at the bottom, even wimpering a bit. I was worried that he had found a snake so I went outside to check, when something big and scaley dashed out right towards me. Naturally I shrieked but a moment later I realised that it was just a blue tongue lizard. Kira saw where it went and started to harass it but Rory was too stupid to notice and kept investigating the wrong bush. I’m glad it wasn’t a snake. And that my dogs aren’t quite as adorably stupid as this one.

I also got to see an echidna. I love echidnas. It’s so cute watching them plod along with their little reptitle-like legs.
This is the first one I’ve seen at my parent’s new place. But it spent the whole time trying to hide behind a shrub. So cute.

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