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Doll Dump

I’m still having trouble getting motivated in the evenings but I think I’m getting better. Thankfully this is a long weekend so I should be able to make some decent progress making stuff.

Not really motivated to work on this one. Part of the reason is probably pants. There’s something about pants that I dread. I plan on pixel-shading, which isn’t helping my pants-dread.
Base by Jo.

Well, I was thinking shading each doll one at a time and then tweak them so that they’re consistent. Then I got stuck on shading yellow hair. So bugger that idea…

It might not look like it but I’m trying something different with the hair. Normally when I tool-shade hair, I touch it up with a few layers set to multiply or dodge. I’d like to move away from that, since I don’t do it for things like clothes or skin.
There are bits of the blue wren doll that I really like. And then there are bits that are really iffy. I spent hours working on that face and it just doesn’t look the way I want it to be. I think the nose is a big problem. So I guess I’ll leave it for now and see how the other dolls turn out. Man, doing a set of dolls and trying to make them work together is really hard. And from the looks of it, the gif monster is going to destroy this unless I save as png.
Base by Lithriel.

I’ve had this photo saved on my computer for months. I thought that summer holidays was enough incentive to finally make a start on a doll inspired by it.
Base by DHF. I think the larger bases are a bit over-done (part of the reason why I don’t use them anymore) but the smaller ones are underused. Though is it me or are the boobs a little low? It doesn’t seem quite right to me…
Some more holiday dolls. These aren’t originals – the designs come from here and here. I liked this girl’s designs and figured it would be neat to try and adapt them to my sort of thing while also exploring. I’ve got some more planned, with bases picked out but not much else happening.

First base is from Firefly’s World, a long-dead site. I quite like the base (except the face) and have been meaning to use it again for years. Second base is by Anlina S.I have been meaning to do doll a larger person for a while now, since they’re lacking in my gallery and this is a nice base. Sometimes people forget that overweight people can be pretty too. I’d like it if there was a balance of sizes among models. And that any model with a bit of flesh wasn’t called “plus-sized”. Then again, I also don’t like how women declare that only women with curves are “real women”. I’d like to think I’m a real woman too.


2 thoughts on “Doll Dump

  1. Can i just say, that Dior gown has also been saved on my computer! Actually, the whole collection that that dress was in has been saved and I constantly skim it for inspiration. It was just suuuch a beautiful set 🙂

    (and yes, the boobs look a little low)


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