Just grow you stupid plants

It seems I can’t spend the weekend away from home without at least one plant dying. It’s terrible! I’ve been trying to grow my seeds since October. I lost my strawberry seedlings in a November heatwave (and they were a birthday present too). I’ve had to replant my basil and cherry tomatoes once and my parsley twice. This weekend I lost my spinach, which I had just planted (though I planted them a few weeks early than I should, since I’m impatient like that). Bad enough that I’m a beginner gardener without the stupid things dying and destroying my confidence. Damn you heat!

My tomatoes seem to be doing ok right now. Perhaps they are past the most vulnerable stage? The basil seems alright as well but it’s growing so slowly. It was so much faster last time when I planted actual seedlings. I want to make pesto now 😦

At the market on the weekend I was roped into trying some pesto made from a local plant. They had some seedlings on sale so I ended up buying a few. They are Warrigal Greens or NZ Spinach and I’ve never heard of them before (though that doesn’t say much since I’m not a plant person). Apparently they’re a good spinach substitute but you have to blanch them before eating because they are high in oxalates (which can damage the kidneys). It feels kind of cool growing my own native food plant. I hope they don’t die…

EDIT: Of course there’s a big storm while I try to go home. Umbrellas do nothing when the roads and paths are ankle-deep in water. Even the tram was leaking.


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