Cycling along the creek

Exercise doesn’t really fit into my life. It doesn’t interest me at all – I have better things to do.
When I started uni, I took up jogging around the nearby park. It was a nice park and a decent size, with a perimeter about 3.5km. But then I would move back to my parent’s place over holidays and wouldn’t take it up again.
I tried jogging at my new place but it’s not the same. The park is much smaller and not as pretty. Plus, I badly hurt my foot last year and if I did anything faster than a walk, it felt like my little toe was dislocating from the rest of the foot. The doctor said it was fine but it’s now slightly raised compared to the rest of the foot and not as mobile/responsive.
I can’t go on like this. I want to live a long, happy life. I don’t health problems and I don’t want to deteriorate both physically and mentally. I’ve got to start healthy habits now or I never will.

This year I’m giving bike riding a go. I’ve got my mum’s old bike; full of rust and noisy brakes. It’s actually been easier to get into it than I thought. Perhaps because I use to ride a lot when I was a kid. But man, the first few rides really hit home just how weak I was. I had to actually get off and walk up mild slopes. But now I can ride up them (though still painful) and I can ride further for longer.

One problem is that I’m not meant to ride on footpaths. Unless it’s a shared path, we have to ride on the road. That’s ok for the quiet streets but I’m too scared to do it on the busier ones. While some roads have bike lanes painted on, others don’t and I’ve heard enough stories to not trust drivers anyway. Plus, often I have to do right turns and the thought of trying to cross traffic terrifies me (note: we drive on the left side). So I’m being naughty and riding on the footpaths, pissing off the poor pedestrians.
Thankfully, there’s a bike path a few blocks from my place. It’s right along a creek and is pretty nifty. I feel safe there though I do have to watch out for dogs that like to meander and cyclists who are in the wrong lane.

But there is another added benefit to all this – street art.
I hate mindless scribble but I really love artistic graffiti. There are some creative and talented people out there. It was certainly a nice surprise to discover that the bike trail contained pretty art and it even motivated me to push myself further so that I could discover more of it.


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