The best bridge ever

This bridge is my favourite part of cycling. It’s just so awesome that I just had to give it it’s own blog post.

It started off with a whale containing the slogan “Not For Sale”. I didn’t think it was that special but I liked the anti-whaling message and the concept of turning the whale’s teeth into a barcode.
Then the days got hot and I didn’t ride for a week. When I came back over the weekend, I was stunned. The slogan was removed and more whales and sea critters were added to the scene. It looked beautiful.

As I rode closer, an octopus was unveiled. That’s cool.

Then I rode under the bridge and was blown away. That entire side had been painted as an underwater scene. It’s so huge and so so beautiful. And yet, such a pity that it is hidden under a bridge. It should be out in the streets for all to admire.
Thankfully, it was raining so there was no cyclists to crash into me as I walked the length taking photos.


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