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But I like my weekends…

Today I am at uni. On a Saturday.
My great “new” samples are over 9 years old and must not have been preserved very well because the DNA quality of three quarters of them are shit. I’ve had these samples since the satrt of the month and have little to show for it. If I want to meet my deadlines (some real, some self-imposed) then I’m going to have to work beyond the standard 9 to 5 hours. I’ve been so buggered in the evenings that I’ve been vegging on the couch and doing little more than cross stitch.
I’ve started working on black, since that’s the one colour that I’m not going to unpick. I ended up unpicking it this week anyway, since I miscounted. I haven’t made such a big mistake in years. The problem with making mistakes is that when you unpick it, it still leaves a mark. Not a problem if in the centre of the piece, since you just restitch over it, but this mistake led me to stitch on an area that was meant to be blank. I was so worried that I’d ruined the fabric and would have to cut a new piece but a damp cotton tip managed to remove traces of the mistake. I’m so relieved.

This morning I forced myself to ride my bike before I left. It was so worth it. The street artist has made a start on the other side of the bridge and it looks fantastic, full of fossils and UFOs. I saw an outline of a bird and got a bit excited – it looks like a Blue Wren (though the beak shape is wrong). I can’t wait until it’s finished and I will certainly take photos once it’s done.


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