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My Grandmother was german in origin and when I lived with her I would eat chicken schnitzel, rolladen, paprikash, maultaschen and pancake strips in soup (internet tells me that this is called “flädlessuppe”). I miss some of the foods that she use to make and now that I’ve gotten into cooking, I’ve been trying to recreate those recipes with the help of my mum. I’ve been trying really hard with rolladen but I think I’ve concluded that if I don’t want to eat raw meat then I need to invest in a slow-cooker.
I’ve now been working on maultaschen. It’s pasta dumplings in broth. The internet tells me that it usually contains spinach but we’ve never eaten it that way (eventually I’ll try it with spinach but not right now). It also seems to be more of a beef and pork dish but I’ve always eaten it as chicken and bacon. Mum did try beef once but it didn’t taste right…it lacked something.

So here is my family spin on the recipe. I hope real Germans aren’t disgusted by it.

1 small onion
2-4 bacon rashers
500g chicken mince
2tsp parsley
1 egg
2 slices of bread
2 litres liquid chicken stock
2 cups flour
2 eggs

Fry up the onion and bacon. Let it cool.
Make the pasta by adding the flour, eggs and salt (plus water if necessary). Mix it up and knead it. I’m a dumbarse and forgot to buy more eggs. I have just learned that you can make this with only one egg and lots of water…though I wouldn’t recommend it…
Start heating the stock on the stove.
Remove crust from bread, soak it in water and then squeeze the water out (the bread helps the filling bind together). Add it to the mince, parsley, egg and cooled onion and bacon. Mix it all up with your hands (I tried with a spoon and it’s just not as effective as getting your hands messy).

Roll out the dough. It may be easier to cut it in half and do two batches. Roll it out really thin. It’s a real pain to do but you don’t want it to be thick. Spread the mince mixture all over, leaving the edges. Roll the dough over itself, pressing down each roll. Make into dumpling parcels by first pressing down with a wooden spoon handle and then cut.
Gently put the dumplings in the boiling stock and cook for about 20 minutes or until the mince is cooked through.


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