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Frustration Abounds

Progress on my dolls is going very slowly. Things in the lab are still failing and I’ve somehow found myself with extra work to complete by the end of April. Yeah…not going to happen…
Did spend the weekend at the beach relaxing and learning to snorkel. My friend is awesome – she was so nice and patient with me despite my need to either be able to touch the bottom or clutch onto the pier. I couldn’t see much without my glasses but she brought some of her starfish species to me. They are so awesome. (Disclaimer: don’t poke or pick up marine life. Unless you are a marine biologist). It was so good to get away but the stress is all back again.

Anyway, I’ve managed to finish three out eight:

Had another attempt at shading the blond hair and made some progress. But some bits were still awful so I scrapped it.

What’s been stumping me is the kookaburra. I really should have designed the skirt from the beginning instead of relying on myself to come up with one as I went.
First I tried a pattern, a bit inspired by aboriginal art. That sucked so I let it sit before I came up with the idea of making it furry. Last night I had played around with fur twice and didn’t like the way either was progressing. Then I got angry because I was so full of motivation but ran out of time.
Tonight I decided to just sit down and work on trying to design it instead of making it up. My mental sketch made during the day didn’t translate well but I think it’s closer to being acceptable.

I’ve run out of time again so I’ll have another think about it tomorrow.
Gah, I’m so frustrated!


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