Awesome bridge is awesome

It’s the weekend and I’m working in the lab again. But things are progressing better now that I’ve abandoned the really crap samples. Still don’t think I can meet all my deadlines but I’m getting there.

I decided to try to ride into uni today. I died half-way there and had to get off and walk until my chest stopped hurting. Then there was a slope so I died again. I think I need to work on my fitness a bit more before I attempt a ride into uni again. Still, the trip in total took an hour so when I am fit, it will be quicker than a tram trip. I’m thinking that I’m going to leave my bike at uni for a few days and just catch the tram home…

It looks like the opposite side of the most awesome bridge ever has been finished. I think the prefer the marine side but this side is pretty awesome too. It has a dragon 🙂


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