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My Easter Holidays

Easter is normally a time for me to catch up with my family and eat moderate amounts of chocolate. But my parents were on a trip to the US (which they won and flew business class. Envy) so my family is celebrating Easter this weekend.

This gave me the opportunity to make an entry for the Dollchat Party Contest being hosted by Pyrochan. The due date was possibly set to April 10th (a bit annoying that the date wasn’t finalised until after I had finished my entry) and I could not have finished a quality doll in a week were it not for my five-day long weekend. Thanks Jesus.
The theme was to make a doll based on a dollmaker doll that you had constructed yourself. I chose to use the Roliva dollmaker, since it’s one of the only ones that I vaguely like.

Because of all the free time, I decided to go epic and baseless. I seem to be able to do a decent enough job on baseless portraits but full-bodied are an absolute struggle.
I took reference photos of myself. It’s not easy because I live alone – I have to position the camera and then rush into pose before the timer goes off. I couldn’t get my full body so I had to cut+paste multiple photos, which is quite dodgy.

It was at that point that I realised that my drawing ability had deteriorated to abysmal levels. Yeah, I really need to draw more…
So instead of drawing from reference and then trace scanned drawing, I opted for directly tracing from the photo. It is actually quite hard to do, given the small image and lack of distinct lines. And it turns out that my body isn’t doll material.
Thankfully I got some feedback on Glam! and from my sister to help me out.
As I started shading, I decided to go with smooth, well blended shading instead of the usual way I pixel-shade. It gave me a lot more freedom but I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be well received, since the trend in pixel art is towards restricted palettes.

I’m quite pleased with the results and I think I learned a bit from working on it. I still need to work on my limbs though. I was dreading the wings but they were quite fun to do and I always love pixelling transparent things.
I didn’t like the lantern at all, so I scrapped it. A pity since it was meant to be the whole point of the light-sourcing. That’s the thing about dollmakers – they don’t light-source.
I can’t believe I’ve written so much crap about one doll…


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