Sucks to be a cockroach

I have had a cockroach infestation. Every few days I’ll see one happily wondering around the house.
I don’t like going chemical crazy so normally I leave insects alone. But cockroaches are awful.
Ages ago I found one in my kettle. My kettle. The kettle that I use chronically. I had just had a cup of tea infused with cockroach. After that I had no issue with polluting my home and spraying the fuckers.

Today I went a step further and bombed my house. It looked liked the infestation was improving, maybe due to the changing season or something. Oh how naive I was.
A few nights ago I woke up during the night and felt a big cockroach running up my arm to my neck. I rushed downstairs for the spray and watched that fucker die in agony.
I picked up a can of stuff that continuously sprays for 2 hours. I had seen ads for them before and thought they were stupid because the stuff would get on your food and dishes. Of course, that was before I had a cockroach RUN UP MY FUCKING ARM. Every time I get a little twinge I think things like “oh crap, there’s one on my back now. It’s awful.
I had planned to work from home today so I spent the morning moving my plants, exposed food, turning things off at the powerpoint etc. and then set off the bomb and did work in my study. The fumes did reach the study so I feel really light-headed now.
While in the study I saw a big roach wondering around my power cords. Dammit, they’re mocking me! Needless to say, I sprayed it…

I just went downstairs a moment ago to open up the windows. Already there are casualties. One huge one under the bed, three in the dinning room and four in the kitchen. Crap, I didn’t realise it was that bad. I should have bombed them sooner and bugger the home pollution.
According to the instructions, more will die over the next few weeks and my home should be protected for three months. I hope they don’t come back.

I think I need to go for a walk and clear my head or something. Maybe I should have done this after I have met my deadline…


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