My pitiful kitchen garden

My second attempt at growing potatoes was considerably better than the first. I don’t think I have the patience for potatoes. My kit still has some potato seeds left so I’ve planted them. But they are probably a year and a half old and looking sorry for themselves so it may be a dismal failure. It’s cheaper to but potatoes anyway.

My cherry tomatoes have grown huge. One thing I have learned is that when the seed package says it doesn’t need staking – they are lying. Epically.
Flowing has only started in the last few weeks. It is late in the season but I can’t help that the seedlings kept dying in the heatwaves. The exciting thing is that a few have started to develop into actual tomatoes. Woohoo!
My basil has grown enough that I can pick off leaves and make pesto again. The parsley has stopped dying but is growing very slowly. I would like to harvest them sometime this year. Spinach are still dying. My NZ spinach died shortly after I got them. It looked like it was eaten but my garden book said that it doesn’t have many pests so I don’t know what happened there. I replaced them with dwarf broccoli seedlings. They don’t seem to be growing but at least they haven’t died šŸ˜›

In other news, I met my deadline! No more long hours and weekends!
I don’t really understand what the data means but…meh…I’ll figure it out when I’m writing my thesis or something…
Now I’ve just got my department talk next month to stress over. If they had scheduled it a month earlier then I would have had a meltdown.


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