Seeking Improvement

I go through phases where I just can’t stand the level that I’m at. Sometimes I see such amazing art that it bums me out that mine is so inferior.
Right now I’m dissatisfied with my shading. Shading of my dolls is fine, I’m quite happy with my current levels of both pixel and tool shading. In fact, I’m quite chuffed at how well these denim pants are turning out (Base). I’ve sure come a long way.

What I’m not happy with is my other art. It just isn’t progressing as much as I like. A lot of it is my fault. I barely draw once a month, let alone once a day. So it’s little wonder that I struggle at drawing the simplest of poses. My skin palettes leave a lot to be desired, backgrounds are best not mentioned and shading is just blah.

I can’t bring myself to finish this picture. I really tried hard to draw a more interesting pose and try to put more emotion into the person. That hand took forever to draw.But I can’t bring myself to finish shading it. It just isn’t working. I’m getting no joy out of it at all. So I’m going to cut my loses and give up on it.

Starting fresh. That’s the way to go.
I would still like to work on improving my drawings but for the time being I’m going to focus on my shading. I’m going to rely more on references, check out tutorials, explore different brush settings and try to bring up my shading skill over the year as much as I can. The ideal would be having someone sit down and teach me but that isn’t going to happen.
My newest work-in-progress was drawn using a stock photo, which I’m also using to help guide with shading the back. I can’t quite grasp the subtle lighting of the back but I think I’ve made a fair attempt.


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