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Blue Wren Complete

I can’t believe that tomorrow is June! What has happened to this year?
It makes things even more scary when I think that I will be submitting my thesis next year. There is just so much left to do…

I’ve finished my Blue Wren cross stitch. The pixel art didn’t quite translate well into cross stitch so I did have to do some minor redesigning as I went. The colours also aren’t quite what I wanted but I am still very pleased with how it turned out. This photo is terrible though, the camera made the colours look ugly 😦
I’m hoping the picture of it framed will turn out better. But that’s a long way off, since I probably wont be passing through the framing shop until my cousin’s birthday in August.
I’ve moved on to working on a small kit of cute little Galah chicks. It is a small one so I’m hoping I can get it done in time so I can get them framed at the same time and save the trip (and spend more money at once *sarcastic cheer*).

My friend got married on the weekend. It was a wonderful ceremony and she looked so beautiful.
I am so in love with my dress that I have to show it off. When browsing for dresses, I actually didn’t think much of it. But mum got me to try it on and it was not only pretty but was also the most comfortable. I also stole the pendant from mum because it matched the dress so well. I think I might eventually try and doll the dress. But the pattern is so complex, I’m likely going to fail XD
You can also see on the wall my tiger cross stitch. My mum got me the kit for christmas one year and it is stunning.

And this blog entry is just a feeble attempt to avoid practicing my talk. I have my annual Department Talk this Wednesday!


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