Wedding sketches

I kind of gave up drawing for a little while. I didn’t really mean it to happen, I had plenty of inspiration but just lacked energy and motivation. As a result, my drawing ability has gone to shit and I am simply incapable of drawing out my ideas. So in addition to developing my shading skills, I’ve decided to also improve on drawing skill. I’ve set all my ideas aside and am just focusing on sketching.

At a craft show in 2006 I picked up some discounted magazines. I love wedding dresses and the photos in the magazines were beautiful. Plus there were a variety of different poses, which make the magazines ideal for drawing practice. They also force me to try and attempt more detail than I normally do, like flowers. So I have been using photos from those magazines to work on my drawing.

I’m trying out the technique that I previously mentioned of drawing images upside-down.
Can’t seem to get the hang of proportions. Ah, if only paper was like photoshop and I could move limbs and such around without having to erase and redraw things.
But one thing I’ve noticed is that I am much better at drawing hands upside-down. Hands have always been a struggle so this is great news.

I had a go at a picture the right way up and was not happy with the hands at all.

I’m thinking that from now on with my drawings I might draw hands upside down (I am so terrible at hands that I always need to take a photo of my own hand for reference).

The sad thing is that all of these pictures are of the same model. Can’t seem to accurately replicate people’s faces but I suppose it isn’t entirely a bad thing.


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