Shading practice

I’ve already mentioned how I’m not satisfied with my current shading abilities. So I decided to have a play around at shading. Not only play around with different brushes, different styles and different palettes but also to try and work faster. I am such a slow poke that it’s ridiculous.
I used the sketches that I drew from a wedding magazine. The point of this wasn’t to create a finished piece so I couldn’t be bothered trying to draw something from scratch or try to fix up the flaws of these sketches.

Urrg, Blogger fails at uploading images…why Blogger, why? (Edit: since transferred blog to WordPress)
I’ve discovered some brushes that I quite like. But I definitely don’t like the brush that I used on the blonde – she looks terrible. I love how the green-hair one turned out – I’ll definitely be shading like that more often. And I can’t believe that I am actually capable of shading flowers. I thought they’d look like blobs but it’s a decent effort.
I think what I need to focus on are lips and clothes. But I’m off to a conference this week so maybe I’ll try to hunt down some good tutorials when I get back.


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