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Presentation and useless freebies

I seem to have a remarkable gift of picking accommodation that thoughtless, noisy people choose. I know it is me because when people choose accommodation for me then everything is nice and quiet. I guess that’s what I get for choosing the cheap options.
At about 10:30pm my neighbor decided to watch TV. It was so loud that I could hear everything clearly. I ended up banging on the door and telling the guy to turn it down. I felt so guilty.
Regardless, I couldn’t sleep. I was so nervous.

My presentation was in the afternoon. I got quite worried when the speaker before me was speaking. She used a genetic marker that I not only use but also propose that it is a stupid marker to use (at least, for my species). Thankfully, because I had to trim my talk to 12 minutes, I cut out my major criticisms so I don’t think I caused offense. Besides, she bagged out the statistical methods that I use.
I was put in the conservation group of talks, which was strange because I expected to go into the population genetics group. But it actually worked out well because I got an easy conservation question about whether we should consume my species (answer: no).

One of the good things about conferences (aside from the morning and afternoon teas) are companies trying to sell their products to you. That is normally annoying but they generally have free stuff for you to grab. I have so many pens and notepads/post-its. But sometimes they have quite bizarre freebies. Eppendorf (the brand Pandorans choose…) had a strange massage pad with a USB port. I quite like Eppendorf pipettes, much nicer on the thumb compared to pipetman. But a massage pad is odd.


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