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Little King’s Story

I’ve been sick for three days. Today I feel like I haven’t slept in a week. But my body won’t even let me nap it off. I can’t concentrate (which sucks even more since today is a federal election). So I present to you this blog post.

Cute doll 🙂
Not so cute drawing 😦
When I picked up a copy of Little King’s Story, I thought it would be like Animal Crossing or The Sims. Lots of fun the first week and then I lose interest and never play it again. Instead, it took me a while to get into but then I ended up obsessed and couldn’t put it down.
This game is cute. The characters are cute, the lands are cute, the baddies are cute…even the desire for world domination and the polygamous marriage is cute.
I think this is another one of those awesome games that is unappreciated. So put down all those crap games that end with a z and play this. Give money to the game makers who deserve it.

What I didn’t like was collecting tunes for one of the princesses. A challenge which involves running around the town at night in search for a single peasant (and I mean the word as an insult) with musical notes floating above their head.
The town is huge.
There are 30 tunes to collect.
There is only one peasant each time.
They like to hide.
If you speak to them one second past midnight, they won’t give you the tune.
Sometimes, peasants you have already collected tunes from like to wonder around just to fuck with you.

Tune collecting made me realise what was desperately lacking in the game – senseless violence.
What I wouldn’t give to be able to execute anyone who pissed me off. Or at least give them a good beating.


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