For years my mum has wanted alpacas. Last week she finally got six boys delivered to our 20 acre block of land. I got to meet them on Saturday. They’re so cute.

We got both fleece types – Suri and Huacaya (sounds like wahcya). Huacaya is the most common fleece type and more closely resembles sheep fleece. The suris are the more shaggy, dreadlocks, and are more valuable.

The alpacas were registered and so already came with names, most of which sounded pretty lame. So I renamed the pale one Whisky and my stepdad has name one of the suris Noodle (no idea which one though, can’t tell them apart yet). One was already named Coco Pops, which we’ll keep.

That big white one was named Opal. It is a blue-eyed white (BEW). The genes associated with BEW are linked to a gene that leads to deafness so most BEWs are deaf. While that’s not a bad thing to the alpaca, they do have reduced fertility so they aren’t so good for breeders. Opal is not only deaf but has fused ears. But he seems to be the leader of our little group.

I guess our guys were lonely – they were hanging out with the black alpacas next door.


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