The lure of a free pen

One of the benefits of working in my field is that there are a lot of companies out there that want to sell you their products. They will host morning teas with brochures, free food and stationary. Not that I need a new pen.
The common practice is to pretend interest by picking up a brochure, avoid the sales rep talking to you, and run away with as many free goodies as possible. If you’re lucky then they brought too much food and there will be leftovers for afternoon tea as well.
There are sometimes prizes for joining mailing lists. It does mean that I get junk emailed to me but I have managed to win wines and chocolates. I’m still waiting for a Borders voucher to be sent to me.

I must admit that I will judge a company based upon their free goodies. Not all free pens are created equal. Bonus points to companies that provide eco bags (extra points if they last a year before breaking). Points removed if the only food they provide is fruit. One time I even got a tape measure, which I use at home and is full of win. I also got some heat pads once, which scored points for novelty but were quickly forgotten (I think my sister got more enjoyment out of them than I did). And the one company that advertised a morning tea and never showed up…bad move guys…
Yes I am being bribed but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. We aren’t rolling in money and will buy things that are the cheap, yet good. I know what pipettes I like and fancy a pen isn’t going to change the pain (or lack of) in my hand.

I just wish one company would provide a red pen…


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