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Birthday bounty

My birthday is next week. To celebrate, my mum and sister took me to yum cha and then to see the European Masters exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (the exhibition closes on Sunday). There were paintings from a gallery in Germany, on loan while thye renovate. I must admit that I preferred the 19th century art to the 20th (though there werre some nice pieces). My favourite paining was Dog Lying in the Snow (Hund im Schnee liegend) by Franz Marc. The gift shop had no posters or mugs of the painting but I got myself a fridge magnet.

My sister decided to fuel my cookbook obsession, combining it with my current desire to grow my own food.She tells me that she imported it at a fantastic price (which isn’t really hard, since books in Australia are ridiculously overpriced). I really enjoy a bargain so I like to hear that people get my presents at good prices.
And some indulgent chocolates to help ease the current rage and stress from uni.

I requested that my mum buy me Super Mario Galaxy 2 (provided that she get it discounted). I loved the first one and can’t wait to play it. I’ll have to show some self-control so that I do get some art time.
She also surprised me with I Shall Wear Midnight (also obtained at a good price). I’m also madly trying to reread the last three Tiffany Aching books so that I can read the latest. I think the Tiffany Aching series is my favourite of all the Discworld novels. There’s another present on the way, which didn’t arrive in time.
Mum is a bit of a chocolate addict so she always includes a box of chocolates.


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