cross stitch · sewing

Stitched birds

My Blue Wren was framed last month. I didn’t want to carry it around on public transport so it has been hanging on my mum’s wall until she drove to my place for my birthday.
It was really hard to choose matting that suited it. When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure I had got it right. But it doesn’t look bad hanging on my wall.
I’ve taken multiple photos of this using two different cameras and it still doesn’t look right. I think amateur cameras just aren’t capable of capturing the true colours of the cross stitch 😦

I’ve been working on christmas presents for people in the lab. Earlier in the year I got an owl soft toy kit from a craft fair. I loved the black and white combo but they only had red and green, which aren’t as nice but suitable for a christmas present I guess. I’m making the little ones so that I can make enough for everyone.
I do not sew. The last time I tried was a misaligned checkered bag that lasted for only a few months (though to be fair, I designed it myself and wasn’t following a pattern). Before that, I had made one-and-a-half teddy bears. But this kit requires only minimal sewing and uses craft glue and some strange iron sticky thing I had never heard of. I am making them at my mum’s place, under her supervision (she also has a sewing machine, which is helpful). So far I have sewn and stuffed (with dried lentils) two trial owls for me. I under-stuffed the first one and didn’t leave room for the eyes so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I’m leaving the iron sticky eyes, beak and base for my next visit (I also lack an iron).


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