I’m a little bit cranky

First day of the month and I’m already over it.

Christmas parties are being organised. This year my lab is having a picnic followed by a trip to the aquarium. Yay!
As usual, the department will have alcohol and BBQ at lawn bowls. I can’t say I’m a fan of lawn bowls or chunks of meat with a side of rabbit food salad, particularly given that my lab are the outcasts of the department.  I was on the fence about going (can’t really be bothered with socialising with these guys anymore) but now I’ve decided to give it a miss. Apparently, they were annoyed that I had booked the department car to pick up samples from the airport early the next day. Oh noes, they have to return the department car after the party!
Well excuse me for wanting the work car for work purposes. I know it’s a radical concept.
This isn’t an isolated christmas case. These people get cranky if you need the car when they want to do a beer run.
Well, I’ve been out the lab for over two months, working on my stupid thesis while waiting for samples and a certain company to actually process our primer order. I am dying to get back into the lab and try to get back on schedule. I have no sympathy for inconveniencing a christmas party.

…And apparently because I’m not a workaholic and try to have a work-life balance I’m either not normal or don’t really care about my work. Because clearly if you aren’t able to time-manage, no one can. So fuck you random stranger. Not the most intelligent of replies but I really don’t care. I’ve got better things to do, like finish my PhD and live a happy life.

Apologies to people who like salad…


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