I can grow food

I haz cherry tomatoes!
Given that this is my first time growing veggies from seed and I only had three tomatoes in August, I thought that ten tomatoes in my first crop would be a success. And now I have heaps with plenty more still growing. It’s hard to count them all but I think I have over 120! Though some are pretty small.

When I first decided to grow tomatoes, I thought that I would figure out what to make once they had grown. Now the time has come and I’m not sure what to do with them. I don’t really eat tomatoes – growing them was meant to encourage me to eat them more often. I guess I can make a sauce and freeze it for later…

I’ve planted the next crop of tomatoes and they haven’t died yet, despite my being away over the hot weekend. But my basil isn’t sprouting. I guess they went bad before their use-by date 😦


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