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Looking back

I’m now on holidays. Yay!
Christmas is so inconvenient. Why couldn’t it be in November when I had no lab work?

I decided to start my break with a massive house cleanout. Not just the usual moping and dusting but also going through my crap and throwing it out. Because do I really need a draw full of stationary? It’s not like I’m going to be writing letters on bird printed paper anytime soon. I’m never going to use incense or a CD from my broken camera. Why do I hoard all this crap?

I went through my stack of christmas and birthday cards. I thought they would be easy to throw out but it wasn’t. I only threw out the ones from people I can’t remember. It’s very strange when the forgotten people write “love always”. I also have two blank cards. Who sent me blank cards and why did I keep them?
The family cards were the most interesting. In the cards I can trace back divorces, marriages, new pets, when pets die, and when people die. Then I dropped my cards so they’re out of order now >_>

I also came across a notebook with sketches. I started it it in my last year of high school.

This page marked my start at uni. I guess log10 equations were used
That crap off-white paper marks my year of Honours
I was meant to be taking notes during seminar but I often ended up drawing people in front of me

During my PhD, I don’t even bother attending seminar. Why spend an hour not concentrating when I could be doing something productive? So I don’t really doodle anymore. 😦  Maybe next year


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