My neighbours must hate me

There was a market on today so I spent the weekend with my parents. I really regret that now.

At about 6:30pm yesterday, I got a call from a security controllers telling me that my house alarm had been set off. I was pretty sure that I had locked everything on my out and gave the go for someone to pop around and check the place out. After half an hour, they hadn’t called me back. So we called them up and they told us that the person didn’t find any sign of entry but for some reason, the alarm was arming 4 times a second since 10pm the night before. Since I wasn’t at home constantly turning it off and on, we figured it was fucked up due to storm damage (since the night before had been quite violent). Still, I was miffed that the original security guy didn’t tell me about the arming. If I had known then I wouldn’t have wasted $70 sending someone out there to investigate.

My parents drove me home to find that my security system was stuffed. My stepdad thought he had it fixed but then the alarm went off as we drove away (despite the system not being armed). It didn’t sound right – more like a dying mechanical bird than the usual alarm. I couldn’t get back into the house with my electronic key. I had to call up the guy who set up the system, who thankfully lived close by. He told me that my neighbours had been calling him to complain all day. Oh god, they had been enduring that horrible noise for the whole day (and night?). Fuck.

I just want to crawl into a corner and die

Turned out that the issue was that the battery was dead. Though apparently the security people didn’t get that alert until 9am so I don’t know what happened the night before. Anyway, the low battery report wouldn’t go the guy until Monday. And due to the volume of low battery reports, he would ignore it until another low battery report a few days later. Fantastic…

EDIT: So in addition to the call-out bills, I have to pay an extra $53 to cover all the stupid phone calls my stupid security system made…


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