My life is currently only interesting to myself

My plans of doing a bit of art didn’t last long. Maybe four days? Oh well…
On the plus side, I went snorkeling with my friend on Sunday and saw a seal.

I’m feeling pretty confident about getting my lab work done in time. Though I did have my annual committee meeting last Friday and my other supervisor and committee member kept suggesting extra things to do. And then proceeded to tell me that they thought that I was being ambitious and might not be able to submit by September. Or at least not without killing myself trying. Thanks, I really needed the extra work load and doubt…
It would be easy for me to just say no (or smile-and-nod and ignore) but I’m finding it hard. Most of the suggestions they made were relevant and would contribute to my work. One of which requires a shiny new technique that I wouldn’t mind learning. Of course, learning new things always seems to take at least twice as long as you plan (even taking n00b status into account) and I don’t really want to be still trying to finish when my scholarship has ran out.

Planning of my 6 week trip to the US is starting to fall nicely into place and I’m starting to get very excited. I’ve booked all the flights and added it up – 43 hours in total. To say nothing of the hours spent at the airports. I’m told I have to be really early in order to prevent losing my seat via double-booking.
Conference weeks aside, I will spend 11 nights at San Diego, 2 in New York, 11 in Chicago, and 2 in Dallas. I’ve booked all the accommodation except for Texas. I’m going for the hostel option, which is wonderfully cheap even when I book a shared private room. I’ve only stayed at a hostel once before so I’m hoping that all will be fine. It is a little annoying that I have to add tax to the total advertised price. I’m use to tax being included in costs so it feels a little bit sneaky to me. Is there any reason why the US doesn’t include tax in their price? It’s a bit worrying not being certain how much something will actually cost.

I haven’t started figuring out my tourist adventures yet. I thought maybe seeing a Broadway matinee. I’ve never seen The Lion King or The Phantom of the Opera so if I can get discounted tickets then that would be a great experience.
Somehow I think I’m going to go over my budget. I really hope my travel scholarship applications are successful. I should probably work on them this week…


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