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Art Dump

This is taking me forever. I thought I’d try something different and make a patterned top. But I’m not used to doing this and it’s hard to get the feel of it. I’ll do a little section and then get stuck on what to do next and let it sit for a week or two.

I think this is going well. Nothing more to say really.

I love the Golden Sun series and was so excited when the new game came out. It was meant to be my American adventures game but I couldn’t wait that long and started playing it. I’ll make Okamiden or Pokemon my travel game instead.
Anyway, the game is so pretty and inspiring me to make fanart. Except my drawing ability has degraded and I can’t draw half of what I want to draw.

Yesterday was Earth Hour and I tried to be good. I tried to spend the whole evening with nothing but a lamp. I was going to draw a ton of fanart. But I discovered that I can’t draw males for the life of me. This is the closest I got. It doesn’t look anything like how I wanted it. It’s horrible 😦

I do like this. It was meant to be Chalis but I didn’t really have a reference picture so I turned into something random. Maybe I’ll make a doll of Chalis.


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