Last weekend I decided that an idea travel game would be Pokemon. I haven’t played a Pokemon game since the good old days of Yellow. Actually, I think I would get bored if I played all the generations. But I do remember playing it for over a hundred hours so even if I do play it as obsessively as Golden Sun, I wont be done with it before or during my trip. I decided on White since my sister has Black and I like the Pokemon on the cover.

I also decided that I would buy the game in the US, since everything in Aus is expensive. And having decided on this wonderful plan, I soon went to the shops and picked up the game. I am so lame! My friends always comment on my self-control at cafes but that is a lie. I have no self-control. The only thing stopping me from buying yummy drinks and food is the thought of buying books and games.

What made me change my mind was a very effective gimmick. I had seen Pokemon ads on the TV but at first, I didn’t really pay much attention. It was only when I had stupidly finished Golden Sun and needed to find another travel game that I started to consider Pokemon. So I started topay attention to the ads. And what the ads were telling me was that I had until April 10th to collect a special Pokemon, Victini. I fell for the gimmick.

I took my shiney new toy home and turned on the internet. But no internets for the DS. My wireless security settings were wrong (the DS needs WEP) and I couldn’t remember my password to my router. I tried a DS wireless dongle that my sister left behind when she had moved out but after much troubleshooting, the best that I could get was an IP conflict. The dongle worked well enough with my old modem. But my old modem also liked to bring new meaning to the question “have you tried turning it off and on?”.
I went to a friend’s house. Yes, I am that much of a nerd that I will go to a friend’s house in order to acquire a digital animal. But my friend is a digital nerd to so she didn’t mock me. It didn’t work anyway…

This afternoon was my last attempt (it’s alright, I took the day off to catch up with a visiting friend so today is a PhD-free day. It’s not like any of us ever take all of our four weeks annual leave). It turns out that while I can’t remember my router password, that password has nothing to do with accessing my router and in actual fact, I still have the default settings in place. Yay!
So I logged into the router, changed it to WEP and got a security encryption key. I entered the key into the DS and lo, I had a working connection! I went into the menu to get my mystery gift but -oh noes!- there was no gift available. WTF?! The promotion wasn’t meant to end for another two days.

It was then that I discovered that while my DS was happy to connect to my internet, my desktop couldn’t. Thankfully I’ve taken to bringing my work laptop home in the evenings (since someone has stolen my headphones) so I now have it plugged into my modem downstairs. A quick Google search informed me that “get via wireless” is only for in-store promotions and at home you need to pick the “get via Nintendo WFC” option. Well forgive me for being a little internet dense and not finding that intuitive…Anyway, I connected and received my Liberty Pass so later in the game I can get my Victini. And when I do, I’m going to give it the name “Jerk” out of spite.

Now I’m going to try and fix up my wireless. I hope I don’t have to cart my desktop downstairs like I had to when I set up the wireless. *Sigh* The things I’ll do for a game…


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