One month

It is now one month until my Awesome Advernture of Awesomeness. I’m both excited and terrified.
Excited that I’ll be overseas on my own, going to cool places, discovering yummy/cheap eats (my Canadian friend tells me that I must try pierogi), and comparing the public transport to Melbourne (I’m sure that the prices will be better but what about the service?). Google Maps is fantastic.
Also, the department gave me my travel scholarship so my trip is now a little bit cheaper. Won’t know about the university travel scholarship until I’m actually overseas.

I’m terrified because I’m starting the analyse my data. It makes no sense! OK, I think I can figure the mitochondrial data if I separate the spawning and feeding grounds and take into account that I don’t have samples from all the spawning grounds. The microsatellites are another story. In fact, I can’t even make up a story for it. Never mind the fact that the different statistical methods (and the same statistics but different programs) show different patterns and I don’t know which one to trust/use. The microsats don’t show the same pattern as the mitochondria and even ignoring the mitochondria, I have no idea what it means.
And I’m meant to be presenting this data at two conferences. Two! What the hell am I going to say? “Here’s all this data that I spent 3 years working on. No idea what it means so just eat the stupid fish and be done with it”. Somehow I don’t think that will go down well…

Still, I’m better off than a lot of people. I actually have data, even if I don’t yet know what it means. There are quite a few people in the department with no results after 3-4 years and are being kicked out. I feel so awful for those people. But I also wonder why they didn’t seek a job and walk away from their PhDs years ago.


2 thoughts on “One month

  1. Am I to take that you are visiting Canada? (you mentioned canadian friend)

    Perogies are wonderful (not so much Canadian as it is a Ukranian thing brought by the early settlers) but the food to try is Poutine! It's french fries covered in cheese curdles and gravy. fats covered in fats with fats on the side and 100% Canadian! (although I beleive they've started serving these in some places in the US close to the border)


  2. Sadly, no. I was looking into Canada but it ended up costing too much. I'm naively hoping that if I end up getting a postdoc in the US then I'll use some of my annual leave to visit Canada.

    My Canadian friend (who spent a year here a few years ago) was visiting for work so we got to catch up.


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