T-minus one week

In a week’s time I will be flying over the Pacific. No doubt bored and craving sleep but the US isn’t going to come to me. And perfect timing for the new Blogger option of being able to add your location to the post.

It doesn’t feel real yet. And I’m more anxious than I am excited.
Can I just say that I don’t like Oklahoma City. Their public transport system isn’t available through Google Maps so I had to spend an hour trying to read the bus map and figure out what routes I need to take in order to reach my conference accomodation. Come to think of it I hope that the bus info Google Maps has given me for everywhere else is accurate…

I’m not as freaked outabout my data as I was a month ago. It took a few coffee breaks with my friend and having soft barriers to gene flow explained to me but I think I have things figured out. This is why morning/afternoon tea is a good thing. Well, I haven’t got it entirely sorted but enough to get me get through the conference talks. Then when I get back I can search the literature to see if my gene flow patterns match other species and try to make up a story explain the data. It would help if I had some other data but it took my friend two months to run the program on her smaller data set so I’ve got a long time to wait. We need a super computer or something.


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