One long day

My Friday started at 6am. I took a 3 1/2 hour flight to Auckland, had a 3 hour wait, and then caught a 12 1/4 hour flight to LA. Thanks to the magic of time zones, I arrived at 12:30pm on Friday. Trying to sleep on planes is not fun.
I should have been excited when I departed the plane but it’s hard to be excited when you turn a corner and discover a sea of people in queues. It took me 75 minutes to get through the first customs check point! It was so hot, no one could hear the announcements, and the security people kept changing the queues and confusing everyone. Somehow I was expecting more…
Afer all that, a lukewarm shower has never felt so good.

My hotel is nice and close to the station I need. And close to China Town (which actually turns out to be a bit trashy. Melbourne’s China Town is much better aside from the cool dragons). But that’s about it. But that’s all right since I don’t consider the holiday to begin until after the first conference.
I’m just going to hunt down some food and then veg out.


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