This town is a hole

Fuck you jet lag.

I caught the train with no problem at all. In fact, I had a lot of people ask me if they were on the right station and if the train pulling in was the right train. I must exude an aura of public transport confidence or something.
I was amazed when the train pulled in. It was a double-decker! Melbourne could use a few of those, particularly since the company has decided to cut services in developing suburbs.

It turns out the place I’m spending two nights is a hole. In my defence, this was the first part of the trip that I planned and I was a little focused on how to get to tomorrow’s conference. Why does the conference have to be near a hole?
I tried looking for somewhere that might sell melatonin but no luck. I did see someone get arrested…

I’m a litle disgusted by this accomodation. It is a nice little room with a big flatscreen and free wi-fi. But there is no tea. If you can put coffee machines in a room then you can also provide a few tea bags. Bah.


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