It is fortunate that San Diego’s museums are in the one area. I got lost trying to find the Museum of Man so I went to the art museum. Today I tried to find the science center and ended up at the Museum of Man.
The museums are rather small. I could probably go to all of them in the one day instead of one a day. In hindsight, I should have booked my flights so that I spent more time in NY and Dallas. But at the time of booking things I didn’t know when the scientists I wanted to visit were available. And NY and Dallas were only meant to be stop-overs (since apparently it isn’t cheaper to fly direct to anywhere). Ah well, it’s still nice wondering around and relaxing for the rest of the day. And search for a bookstore. I could only find a small cafe-style one so it didn’t have the scifi/fantasy books that I wanted (I got Persuasion and a book on dog minds). I shall have to ration my books until I reach Chicago.

The Museum of Man had a really cool exhibit comparing healthy bones to healed fractures and diseases. It was a definite highlight.

This is a skeleton of a guy in his 20s!
Despite being the Museum of Man, this fused skull is not human, it’s a calf (calves?)

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