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Not even maps can save me

Today I was meant to meet up with my collaborator and hopefully discuss a one-year job opportunity. Unfortunitely, I have the remarkable gift of getting easily lost.
My trip in total was meant to take 1 1/2 hours. All seemed to be going well when I noticed that the bus signs stopped showing the stop number. When I heard the bus driver announce the road I wanted, I quickly hoped off. While it was the right road, it was the wrong stop and I had to walk a long way. Then I reached a confusing intersection and got confused. I chose the right way (I think) and walked for a while until I noticed that all sign of civilistion had vanished and I was really late. I had no clue where I was so I turned around and txted an appology. So aside from an hour’s walk in a pleasant looking area, I pretty much wasted the day.

Back in my room with the joys of the internet, I discovered that I had typed “road” instead of “court” into Google Maps and was not within walking distance of where I needed to be. In fact, I have to catch two buses, not one. Man that was stupid…
I’m actually surprised with myself. While I am feeling embarrassed and a little anxious about tomorrow’s attempt, I’m not bursting into tears and feeling like it’s the end of the world and that I’m a hopeless failure. I’m sure I would have felt that way a few years ago. Where did this new me come from?

Would it surprise you to learn that I got lost at the zoo yesterday? That place is massive and awesome.


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