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Airport procrastination

I’m at the airport, working on my thesis. Well, not right now…but I wrote a sentence before and I totally plan on writing a few more sentences that I wont delete later…

Next stop is New York. It would have been nice to not catch a red-eye but San Diego only has one runway so that flight is my only option. I have some melatonin tablets handy so hopefully I get enough sleep to stop me from being a zombie.
I was originally set to stay in Manhatten. But a few days before I left I received an email informing me that the hostel had closed down. Now I’m staying closer to the airport. It’s probably just as well, since my flight from NY departs at 9am. I’ll just have to make use of the subway to reach

I’m currently suffering a form of homesickness. I’m not actually homesick – I only had a brief period of that last week. But I want my desktop and tablet. I want to doll. More urgently, I want to do digital art and practice backgrounds. I never want to practice backgrounds. But something about browsing DA and being stuck with only a trackpad has fuelled the desire. With luck, the desire will still be there when I finally return home.
I have done a little bit of sketching. The first few days I tried ended in disaster and left me feeling that I had lost any ability to draw. I’m still not happy with the faces and haven’t attempted any full-bodied portraits but I’m gradually getting the momentum back.
PhotobucketI am also able to partially satisfy my dolling craving. Last night I started to trace over a drawing and it seemed to go well, if mch slower. The tackpad was hurting my wrist a bit and I don’t think I can do anything beyond tracing. If only I had thought to save more of my drawings to my laptop…
Aside from my first three nights, no cross stich has been done. I just can’t seem to do it without a TV.

I just have to say this – I hate US tax. In Australia, the tax is included in the marked price. While I understand why this may not be the cae in the US, it is really pissing me off. I like to know how much something will cost before I reach the register. That way, I can have the money ready instead of holding everyone up while searching for the right change. Otherwise, I just accumulate more and more coins. Including those stupid pennies. Can’t you just abolish it and round to the nearest five cents please?
Really taking a shine to bagels. Australia needs more bagals.


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