New York

PhotobucketI’ve never before been interested in the window seat of a plane. But now that I have caught a red-eye, I can see the appeal. To see the lights of a city is stunning. And I got to see a thunder storm as well. But I think I prefer being able to sleep.
Thankfully, my hostel provided free airport transport. And the staff were nice enough to offer me breakfast. I couldn’t check in until the afternoon so I went to the Field Museum. It was massive. I was too sleep deprived to appreciate it but it was still pretty cool. Then I got horribly lost trying to catch the subway. The museum stop was littered with great mosaics.

Today I went and saw The Lion King. Best. Broadway. Ever. The costumes, props, and performances were beautiful.  I loved how they did the wildebeest stampeade. Wasn’t so keen on the new songs but the original ones sounded great. Rafiki stole the show. I am so glad that I got to see it. I didn’t even want to come to to New York originally. It was only because the guy booking my flights told me that it was cheaper to fly to Chicago via NY than to fy direct. How bizzarre.
Well, that ends my whirlwind tour of NY. I fly out early tomorrow.

Mosaic at the Museum subway stop

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