Smitten with Chicago

Jelly from the aquarium I visited today

Another thing I didn’t take into account when travelling – heyfever. Dammit…

From the airport, I happened to get on a bus with a cranky driver who liked to beep the horn a lot. When I asked cranky driver about my stop, she gruffly told me to listen to the announcements. And then got cranky at me because I missed my stop and told me off for not listening to the announcements. I was listening. The only announcements were what the bus number was and what direction it was heading. No stop announcements (though I have since heard them on other buses so if must have been faulty). So I had to back-track two stops.
It’s so stupid, not even the bus stop signs gave any indication what stop they are. I hate buses.

I reached my hostel and the lobby told me that I couldn’t check-in for another few hours and that I couldn’t leave my bags because the bag storage areas was full. The common areas were quite nice so I decided to hang out there. Except that all of us waiting to check-in got ejected because they wanted to take photos. So I crankily marched back to the main street with my bags and had lunch. Not what you would call a good first impression.

Aside from all that, I’m liking Chicago so far. I’m staying in a very pretty area with lots of greenery and is nice and quiet. The houses look charming. There also seems to be a food culture more aligned to my taste. Except for lack of take-away sushi shops that I’m used to seeing back home. I have seen plenty of nice looking Japanese restaurants in the US so I think it’s a case that Australia has no class when it comes to Japanese food. Still, I like my sushi rolls…
This hostel is great too. Much nicer and cleaner than my San Diego box. The common areas are nice and the kitchen set-up is good. They even have group activities like BBQs and pub crawls, though I’ll give the pub crawl a miss…

Bananas here cost 19c each. Given that they were over $12 per kilo when I left (since the crops were devasted by the floods), this is fantastic. They are free with breakfast but I couldn’t stop myself from buying some anyway.


One thought on “Smitten with Chicago

  1. I don't know what it is with busses but they almost always guarantee a horrible experience to ruin any day. I myself deal with late, inconsiderate bus drivers on a daily basis. I guess it's the price to pay for wanting to save the planet and not have to pay for insurance?

    Anyways, I doing a read-through of your posts since I last visited and my, your trip is sounding fantastic! I am in special accordance with The Lion King being the BEST.BROADWAY.EVER. I'd say the stampede scene was the most stunning use of stage props I have ever seen 🙂

    Have fun with the rest of your trip!


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