I wanted to take a segway tour in Dallas next week but it was booked out. Not sure what I’m going to do in Dallas now…
So today I went out for a morning 2hr segway tour. I was the only one booked in and got bumped to the afternoon 3hr tour at no extra cost. Yay!

That left some time to do something else. I went to the SkyDeck (after buying some more books at Borders. Considering I can buy two novels in the US for less than the price of one in Aus, I’m going to make the most of any bookstores I come across). The SkyDeck is a 442m tall building and is amusing for all of 10 minutes. And then they try to sell you quality photos of yourself for $20+. Thanks but I’ll settle for the free shot taken by a random. So many places insist on taking a photo of you, printing it out, and then asking you to fork out a small fortune. It’s annoying. What do they do with all those unsold photos anyway?


If you ever visit a city that offers segway tours then take it. They’re awesome! It was a hot 33C and one of the people had to stop an hour in because she felt dizzy. The main thing I needed was breaks to rest my feet. My heels ached a bit afterwards. And I was a mass of sweat from all that heat. It was quite gross and demanded a shower.


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