When I told my Canadian friend that I was going to the US, she told me that I had to try pierogi. But I didn’t find any so I guess it’s a Canadian thing? But then why did she tell me about them and get my hopes up for nothing?

So this weekend I decided to make my own. Which was good timing as my mum gave me a nifty set of dumpling makers. So awesome. I can get more filing in than I normally do with these sort of things.

I loosely followed the recipe from the inactive blog Polish food and recipes. I didn’t even bother trying to find the right cheese, since my supermarket is useless. I used a mix of cottage cheese and ricotta instead. Panicked a bit when I saw how little flour I have. Thankfully I had just enough.
They actually took a long time to make. But I’m so slow at rolling out dough real thin. Still need lots of practice. In all I made 18 dumplings, half fried and half boiled. I don’t think I like the boiled ones so I’ll stick with the less healthy style from now on. I froze half the dumplings so I don’t think I’ll be making anymore for a while.


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