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In a bit of a writing slump today. Maybe it’s because my sister looked over some of drafts yesterday and discovered some half-finished sentences and a whole paragraph of incoherance. I can’t even spell mitochondria anymore.
But this slump gives me an opportunity to work on my final department talk. It’s coming together but some parts are rather lame. I’ll be glad to get it over an done with.

This year, before the shit hit the fan, I took part in Glam!’s redoll event. You submit 3-5 dolls and your assigned person has to pick one and redoll it with at least three changes, and you get assigned someone to redoll. I took part last time in 2009 and loved it.
Now the redolls have been posted so I am allowed to show off my work.

My person was Chewbroccoli and I chose the doll that was a little different from what I normally do. Except the original doll lacked hair. I couldn’t quite bring myself to making a bald doll…
I am really pleased with how the redoll turned out. The assignments came out while I was in Oklahoma so I decided to sketch a baseless doll using this stock photo. I find plain poses hard enough, this was a real challenge. It’s not perfect but I’m super-proud of myself.

I also wanted to challenge myself with subtle pixel shading. The problem with that is things look different on different computers and it’s harder to make subtle look good on different monitors. Normally  don’t care how my dolls look on other computers but this was making a doll for someone else. I think the shading looks great on my desktop. But it doesn’t look good on my mac or on the computers of the people who gave me feedback. I did start playing around with the palette but then I freaked out about my thesis and stopped all art 😦 I feel a little bad that I couldn’t fix the colours up. But at least it looks awesome to me.

Details. See, my shading is awesome:

Some steps:

Now for some lunch and then back to work…*sigh*


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