Shiny new toy


Entering retirement

My Graphire tablet has served me well for almost six years. But now it’s time for retirement. The surface is scratched, the pen nib has worn down but they aren’t big issues for me. But I can’t get absolute positioning to work on my MacBook, which is a big issue if I move overseas and leave behind my desktop.

So for my birthday, mum got me a shiny new Bamboo Fun. OMG, it’s awesome. I’m glad I didn’t get the smaller size, it would have felt too small. And the touch features are cool. I did all the online research for mum so that she didn’t have to pay the regular price. I’m sick of everything costing more in Australia.

Of course, Wacom had to release the new wireless Bamboo days after I did my research XD. That’s ok, I don’t need wireless…

There I was, all ready and motivated to do some shading, which would have been absolutely stunning, except I didn’t have pressure sensitivity. Apparently you can’t have any tablet connected to the computer while installing the driver or it gets confused. Which is a bugger for me because I gave away one mouse and always leave my other one at uni. I don’t think I’ve ever been so eager for the weekend to end so that I could get to work XD


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