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Daily Deviation

Base by Zapatones. Umbrella prop by DHF

Last week I got a DD for my latest doll!

For those who aren’t in the know, DeviantArt features a selection of quality works from among its galleries. The daily deviations (DD) are featured on the home page and are very popular so it’s quite special to get a DD.
Perhaps not so special for a doller to get a DD though. Let’s face it, the majority of the doll categories are filled with crap. Regardless, I feel special 🙂

The doll started when I was walking from the tram stop. I saw someone in this pretty black and white skirt. There were vertical panels of black and white and the white had a black pattern on top. I didn’t think I could do the pattern without a photo but I was willing to give the stripes a go. I’m not sure where the umbrella idea came from or the hair colour but I chose short hair because I have a tendency towards long hair. I chose a coloured jacket to add a bit of colour but I’m not sure why I chose yellow (perhaps because it’s not a colour I usually choose?).

Skirt fail. Also note the original base face

I put off the skirt for a long time because I was so worried I would fail. I boosted my confidence by working on the top part of the doll and then moved onto the skirt shading. And failed –>
For a fresh start I scrapped the shading and the black and just tried shading a white skirt and stuck with basic horizontal stripes. Much easier than vertical. Maybe one day I’ll be good enough…


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