“I do not like the Cone of Shame”

I am dog-sitting at my parent’s house for about a week while my mum is running a stall at a craft fair in Tassie.

Kira currently has a cone on her head. She has hot spots on her face. The last time she had them was due to an ear infection and before that was due to an irritating collar. But this time there doesn’t seem to be an obvious cause.
She can get by quite well with the cone but keeps bumping into things and knocked over my tea. Poor thing can’t scratch her ears so I’ve been rubbing them for her.

I’m not used to cooking in a house full of dogs. By the way that they’ve been harrassing me, you’d think that they hadn’t been fed. It sure did make me feel guilty. I’m pretty sure I gave them the same amount of food that my mum does.

Spoilt dog is spoilt

After I let them inside in the evening, Rory stood politely by my parent’s room, staring at the door. I opened the door and he walked in and hopped up on the bed. He’s been sleeping in there the past few months so my mum can have a good sleep. Otherwise he’ll woof to be let out multiple times throughout the night.
I thought that after a few minutes he would realise that no-one would be joining him and would come out looking for me. But he was happy to sleep on the bed until 5am, when he came to ask me to let him out.


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