Melbourne Zoo

To celebrate the end of my sister’s exams, on Tuesday we went to Melbourne Zoo. And then she gave me Xenoblade Chronicles (I never have packages sent to my address – my postie isn’t that reliable) so since then I have been playing obsessively. Mainly running around in circles trying to find items or people. My god, it’s such a huge world. I’m not very good at battles – the baddies keep kicking my butt. It’s pretty cooA pitty the game isn’t being released in the US, it’s pretty awesome so far. And you can unequip clothes and make the playing characters run around in their underwear 🙂

It was a good day at the zoo. Unfortunately, the light wasn’t so good and a lot of my photos didn’t turn out. But I don’t just go for the pretty pictures, otherwise I might as well look up photos online. There are a lot of special moments that you just can’t capture (unless you’re a professional).

Lots of babies about. The ducklings and moorhen chicks were so tiny and adorable. One highlight was a baby spider monkey going crazy in her nursery.

Mali, having a snooze with her family
Just after taking this photo, Ongard peed and pooped in the water. And continued hanging out in the water while his turds floated in a semi-circle behind him. At least Rory isn’t that bad, he only pees in his pool
Dewi with her mum, Maimunah, under the blanket. Orang-utans are my favourite primate.

And now back to Xenoblade. I will defeat that stupid Mecha…


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