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Almost over

It seems like I blinked and suddenly January was at an end. Where did the month go?
I was completely unprepared for the end of my thesis. The final analysis that the examiner wanted (I think, he was somewhat vague about it) that I spent Christmas trying to figure out and then took me a month to run was finally done (and told me nothing but never mind that…). My supervisor stopped sending me feedback for my drafts. The chair of examiners sent his approval for my changes (he didn’t actually read my thesis, just the letter I wrote in response to the examiner comments). Shit, it’s actually ready…when did that happen?

I spent the last day reading my thesis. I don’t think I’ve ever read the whole thing before. I don’t think I ever what to read it again. There are certainly bits in there that I am rather proud of but there are also lots of bits that sound rather lame. As for the project…bleh…
Lucky I did read it, there were a few mistakes and a lot of missing references.

Base by Lithriel

Now I’m at my parent’s place, assembling the digital copy and getting everything ready for printing. We have a market tomorrow so I’m going to start printing on Monday. Then it’s off to get it bound. If it goes well then I shall have the hard and digital copies submitted before I head off to a local conference on Friday. Then back to mum’s to help out with another market.

Lucky I managed to finish my fairy doll before I freaked out over submission. It’s for the new fairy pageant. Although I was super-pumped after Christmas to do lots of art, there’s been a plenty of hot days and I haven’t been doing anything. And now I have to wait a few weeks before I can finish off stuff that I started months ago.


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